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Ocean Acoustics Ltd was established to provide scientifically robust underwater noise effects assessments, professional data analysis services, passive acoustic monitoring and underwater propagation modelling. As a team of marine scientists, we are also active researchers at the University of Victoria (Canada), Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and are dedicated to publishing our research in peer-reviewed science journals. We work in close collaboration with world leading marine scientists to provide you the best results.

Ocean Acoustics Ltd operates globally. Recent projects include:

• characterising tidal turbine sound emissions and determining the predicted area of impact on marine mammals in the United Kingdom;
• assessing vessel noise impacts on marine mammals in Hong Kong SAR;
• researching the effects of anthropogenic noise on fish and marine mammals in PR China;
• developing a method for vessel identification and movement tracking in Australia;
• passive acoustic habitat monitoring on coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean;
• sound propagation modelling associated with the development of tidal turbines and the potential impact on marine life in New Zealand;
• verifying underwater air-gun noise limits and associated marine mammal presence in New Zealand;
• acoustic monitoring to model the impacts of vessel traffic and climate change on fish and marine mammals in the western Canadian arctic; and
• acoustic monitoring of glass sponge coral reefs and near-shore habitats to provide information on the status and health of the communities living on these ecosystems in B.C. Canada.

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